Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans, thus reducing the worry and financial burden for your family. You can fix our funeral director’s costs and make a contribution to third party costs which are outside of our control. Funeral plan funds are held securely and every penny is ring-fenced until the funeral service is required.

Benefits of our pre-paid funeral plans:

  • Reduce worry for loved ones
  • Make your funeral wishes known
  • Range of services and payment options
  • No medical forms to complete

If you have already purchased a pre-paid funeral plan and wish to transfer this to Rosedale Funeral Home, we would be happy to advise you about this.

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What if the cost of funerals increases?
Will the money be safe?
Can I pay by instalments?
Is there an age limit or health restrictions?
What if I die away from home?
What if I move home?
Can I buy a plan for someone else?
What if I change my mind later?