Are you aware of the changes in bereavement payments?

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From Thursday 6th April 2017 new changes come in to force regarding bereavement payments from the Department of Work & Pensions.

Under the new regulations (from 6th April 2017):

The new system of payments to the bereaved will now come under one single heading and be called Bereavement Support Payment.

The Bereavement Support Payment will provide a one-off lump sum payment followed by up to 18 monthly payments and will extend eligibility for these payments to those people under the age of 45 years..

There will be two rates of support with Bereavement Support Payments:

For claimants with dependent children or who are pregnant:

£3500 lump sum payment, followed by 18 monthly payments of £350

For claimants without dependent children and are not pregnant:

£2500 lump sum payment, followed by 18 monthly payments of £100

  • All claimants must have been married to or in a civil partnership with the deceased. There are no payments for those people living together as a couple without being married or in a civil partnership, regardless whether they have children of not.
  • The deceased spouse or civil partner must usually have paid National Insurance, however contribution requirements have been reduced under the new system.
  • Bereavement Support Payments are not means tested, are tax free and do not affect existing means-tested benefits claims.
  • The age limit of 45 years has been removed, allowing younger bereaved partners access to the payments for the first time.
  • Marrying, cohabiting or entering a civil partnership will not affect the eligibility to continue to receive Bereavement Support Payments.
  • The existing telephone helpline number is unchanged – 0345 6088601