Bespoke funeral costs

‘We have visited this funeral home and assured ourselves to the best of our ability that those who have died are looked after here with the greatest care and respect.  It is our judgement that here you will be: listened to with empathy, offered the full range of choice, given all the time you need, charged fairly and empowered to arrange a funeral that reflects your wishes and values and those of the person who has died.’

Good Funeral Guide

Dealing with Loss and Grief
Our Professional Fees


The professional services of our highly trained and caring staff to listen to your needs and oversee all the funeral arrangements.

Initial transfer and care


Bringing your loved one into our care, day or night, within a 20 mile radius of any Rosedale branch and providing care up until the day of the funeral.

Hearse and staff


The provision of an immaculate, traditional hearse, four bearers and funeral director for a funeral within 20 miles of your chosen Rosedale branch.

Coffin Choice

We are aware that choosing a coffin can be very difficult and emotional choice.

We have tried to provide a range of options for you to choose from, from the more traditional to highly bespoke. As a founding member of The Association of Green Funeral Directors, it is also important to us to be able to offer environmentally friendly options, so you also find willow and woolen options along with our Enviroboard.