Rosedale Funeral Home: Attleborough

Office hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm
24 hour phone line answered by a member of the Rosedale team

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Attleborough Funeral Home

Where to park

If you are visiting our funeral home in Attleborough, you will need to park in the local car parks – all of which are free and in easy walking distance. They include:

Queen Square Car Park, NR17 2AZ
Edenside, Edenside Drive, NR17 2EN
Horsepit, Chapel Road, NR17 2DP

There is a car park at the Sainsburys store opposite which is free for 2 hours.

Meet our team

Paul Blake
Trainee Funeral Director
Anna Gould
Funeral Administrator
Abby-Leigh Slaughter
Funeral Administrator
Sarah Howard
Funeral Bereavement Support
Beverley Bulmer
Funeral Bereavement Support
Buzz Bulmer
Bereavement Dog