Bereavement Support Groups

Grief is a natural reaction when someone you care about dies. It can be a distressing time but, for many, the impact of someone’s death can often hit us harder than we thought it would. This often takes a while to emerge, as although we know that someone has died, believing it and actually processing that information can take a long time. When others may be returning back to their daily routine the numbness we have felt may be dispersing and the impact of the death may be hitting us and this is when we may need support.

Rosedale usually offer an eight week Bereavement Support Group, free to join and open to everyone no matter how long ago they were bereaved or which funeral directors they used. These groups run several times a year from all six market towns that Rosedale Funeral Home have offices. At present, in light of Covid-19, these groups are not running but we want to ensure that you are still able to access the support you need.

Everyone grieves differently and everyone’s grief is unique, sometimes it is easier to talk to someone outside of the family and this is why Rosedale Funeral Home has provided you with GriefChat which was created by bereavement experts. GriefChat counsellors are experienced in supporting bereaved people and will listen to your story, explore how your grief is affecting you and help you to find any additional support you might need. GriefChat provides emotional support for bereaved people, access to trained bereavement counsellors and referral into other specialist bereavement services. GriefChat is a completely free service and is available Monday-Friday, 9 am-9 pm or by email out of these hours.

In addition to this whilst our Bereavement Support Groups are not running. Rosedale’s lead Bereavement Support Facilitators are offering a free service on a Tuesday and Thursday between 9 am – 11 am to talk, if you are based in Suffolk please call Lucy on 07753 299925 and in Norfolk call Beverley on 07901 888122 or Sarah on 01953 888909. Rosedale want to continue to offer, even in these difficult times the support so many people vitally need. Rosedale is a family run business ‘We believe it makes a difference’.

Rosedale Funeral Home, Yard House, High Street, Attleborough
01953 452538

Rosedale Funeral Home, Cross Keys House, 22 Hungate, Beccles
01502 714445

Rosedale Funeral Home, 12a Upper Olland Street, Bungay
01986 892790

Rosedale Funeral Home, 63 Victoria Road, Diss
01379 640810

Rosedale Funeral Home, Arcadia House, Market Place, Halesworth
01986 875588

Rosedale Funeral Home, 16 Middleton Street, Wymondham
01953 601103

Please take a look at our Useful Contacts page for further information.

Friendship Group (postponed until further notice)

The friendship group meets on a monthly basis, sometimes to carry out a bereavement activity over a meal, to hear a relevant guest speaker or sometimes to take part in a social activity.  Loneliness and isolation, often together with guilt and anger are key features of bereavement and a social activity around a key date such as Christmas with people who care and understand what you are going through can be extremely beneficial.  Activities that have been carried out include a wreath making workshop, assistance for single ladies with basic car maintenance and budgeting and shopping for meals for one.  A current project is to produce a recipe book entitled ‘Cooking For One.’  A range of bereavement resources are also made available including books, DVDs, memory boxes and bears.