Deciding between burial and cremation is obviously very personal and ideally will have been discussed with your loved one before their death.

Often a person’s beliefs or family tradition will play a part in the choice of burial or cremation.

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Choosing where to be buried

If a burial is chosen, the location of the burial plot needs to be considered, and in particular whether you would like the ground to be consecrated or unconsecrated.

Rosedale can advise on the availability on burial space locally. If the location of the burial is to be in a new grave you may wish to consider the option of reserving or purchasing additional space alongside it for future family burials.

If we are re-opening an existing family grave, we will need to remove any memorial that is currently in place. We work closely with local memorial masons Bierton & Woods and they will keep the memorial and store it safely, contacting you in due course for instructions around cleaning, renovation work and any additional inscription that you may wish to add. Either the grave deeds or any documents relating to the grave will be required. Rosedale can help you locate them if you do not hold these as records are often kept by those administering the space.

There are a number of costs associated with a burial, potentially including purchasing a new grave or reopening an existing grave as well as replacing and/or updating existing memorials.

It is important that you are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the burial ground where you are thinking of having a burial, particularly if you have very set ideas about memorialisation or other items that you may wish to place on the grave. Churchyards have quite rigid rules regarding choice of size and material for headstones, as well as inscriptions.

Environmentally friendly burial grounds can have very strict planting policies and memorial restriction and even some local authority cemeteries have varied rules on items such as solar powered lights, wind chimes and soft toys etc.

Additional local charges may also be made for the exclusive right of burial, meaning that no further burials can take place in that grave without your permission. This is sometimes required if you plan to erect a memorial and Bierton and Woods will consult and advise you on local charges.