Local charities and community projects

Cooking for One
Cooking for One to champion local restaurants and food suppliers
The publishers of a new book aimed at helping those who are newly bereaved to learn the art of Cooking for One are looking for local...
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bereaved child
Further support for bereaved children
Restrictions such as social distancing and social isolation can make a bereavement much more challenging for a child. They may not have been able to...
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Coronavirus- a family's experience
A family’s experience
One of the families we have looked after these past few weeks have written down their experience of their loved one's funeral and have kindly...
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Church of England- a simple reflection
Church of England- A Simple Reflection
At a time when so many people are unable to attend the funeral of those close to them, it has never been more important to...
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How can we support bereaved children?
Simon Wright is chief executive officer of Nelson’s Journey, a Norfolk charity that provides support for bereaved children and young people. He has written the...
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Mother’s Day
In these uncertain times, what can already be a hard day for many can become much more difficult. Lucy Coote, the Community Ambassador for Rosedale...
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CREATIVE MATTERS- loss and bereavement
Loss And Bereavement Taboos Explored In New Season
Personal journeys of loss and bereavement are being explored in the first Creative Matters season of 2020. The subject which can be a taboo to...
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Recycling Around Diss
As an environmentally conscious company, Rosedale Funeral Home has long championed various initiatives to improve recycling and sustainability within their own company and in the...
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candles Service of Remembrance
Services of Remembrance
All the branches of Rosedale Funeral Home have now held their annual Service of Remembrance which is open to everyone regardless of how long ago...
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tree of life
Dickleburgh Tree of Life Festival
Staff from the Diss branch of Rosedale Funeral Home have contributed to the annual Dickleburgh Tree of Life Festival that took place over the weekend...
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