Christmas Book of Remembrance

With Christmas fast approaching, we feel it is important for everyone to have a space to pay a tribute to their loved ones.

Christmas is a tough time of the year for many who, for lots of reasons, are unable to be with their loved ones this year and a difficult day for families.  It may be due to death, distance or the need for isolation.

If you would like to leave a message in memory of your loved one or just post some thoughts if you are separated this year, please enter your name, your loved one’s name and your message in the form at the bottom of this page. It is also possible to upload a picture and we will aim to post your message on this page as soon as possible.

We have placed a candle here to encourage you, if you wish, to light a candle safely and come together with us at 11am on Christmas Day to remember your loved one please be safe in the knowledge you will not be the only one lighting a candle at that time.

We have also compiled a page with further help and support to help you over the Christmas period if you are missing a loved one.

Grace Peck

In memory of Grace Peck

My Darling Grace how I miss your warm embrace and smile upon your face,
your laughter and tender loving care. My heartache grows stronger every day how
I wish I could see you just one more day. Some say I should start anew,
they do not understand, for you will be forever my life, my love, my “Blue Angel”.
Until we are together in Heaven “God Bless”, “Sweet Dreams” my Darling for there
will only ever be you. Your beloved Phillip xxxxxxx

Emma Squires

In memory of Emma Squires

This is our first Christmas without you and you are so missed. We love and miss you every day. All our love to our beautiful daughter Emma xxxx
Phyllis and Peter Broad

Charlie Sims

In memory of Charlie Sims

Our first Christmas without you Dad, I have arranged for a tree to be planted in the forest of memories in your memory. This has been such a difficult year, we think of you every day and remember happy times we shared. Love and miss you. Carrie xx


In memory of AD

Me (Isla) and Fern are thinking of you everyday.

Forever in our hearts and thoughts, Dad
x x x

Valerie Clarke

In memory of Valerie Clarke

MUM. Our first Christmas without you. As far back as I can remember as a small child Christmas is Memories, Family and Loved ones. This Christmas we don’t have you with us, but I know, from afar you will be watching over us making sure we smile, continue to make more memories and enjoy this Christmas and the ones that follow. Christmas will never be the same ever again but our memories of you will guide us through them. Missing you so much. Your loving son Ian. xxx

Joan and Raymond Saunders

In memory of Joan and Raymond Saunders

My precious Mum & Dad, life and my heart will never feel the same. My first Christmas without you both and it breaks my heart.

If I could have one wish I’d have you here with me. Love you always, miss you forever. Happy heavenly Christmas xxxxxxx

In memory of Reginald Haydon

It will be our second Christmas without you Dad there is not a day go by when one of us myself Robert or Pat do not think or say something about you. One example was when we were up your garden a few weeks ago clearing some rubbish Robert found a ball he then pretended your dog Soot was with him he told him to sit he then threw the ball and said Soot fetch he pretended that Soot had run the other way and in your voice Soot come back you B—— and turns to us and say he is a damn good dog he is and although it was a wet evening we had a laugh at your expense. A lot has happened this year and I do not know how you would have dealt with it but we miss you DAD. xxxx

Valerie Clarke

In memory of Valerie Clark

As the year comes to an end we will celebrate your life. You gave unconditional love to your children and your infectious smile captivated many. I will love you eternally and am proud and honoured to have been your husband for over 30 years. The memories we made will last forever in my heart. God bless you my darling.

Sylvia Hailey

In memory of Sylvia Hailey

Mum I miss you so much, can’t believe this is my 2nd Christmas without you.
You fought a brave fight until the end and certainly earned your eternal rest.
Proud to have been your daughter, will carry your love with me always to pass on to the little ones. Love you always.
Your loving daughter xx

Tony Martin

In memory of Tony Martin

My darling darling Dad. Nearly 3 years without you. I still can’t believe I won’t ever talk to you or see you again. The pain grows greater every day. Your 3 grandchildren will never forget you. Especially your mini me Toby, who misses you more then words can say. I am so proud to be able to call you my dad. You were everything to our family. Its hard to put in to words exactly how special you were to us all. I love you so so much. Be with us always dad. Xxxxxxxxxx

Roy Gibbs

In memory of Roy Gibbs

Missing you every day Dad. You always loved your Christmas dinner, always the first to start! So many happy memories of us all being together. With love from all the family x x

In memory of Lorna Noble

Dear mum you are so sadly missed, your strength, spirit and courage will never be forgot we remember you with immense pride. All of our love from Carl and Pepe the cat.

Katie Walsh

In memory of Katie Walsh

Our third Christmas without you Katie and it doesn’t get any easier – I just miss you more, especially at this time of year. You were such good fun at Christmas and miss you coming in Christmas Day running upstairs to wrap up your presents to us then looking under the Christmas tree for your presents.
Miss you every day. Vicky.

Roy Randall

In memory of Roy Randall

Sadly no longer with us here on Earth. Always in our hearts you were wise, funny and you never let standards fall. A wonderful gentleman in every sense of the word a true friend and teacher xx

Harold Rackham

In memory of Harold Rackham

Our third Christmas without you Dad, and it doesn’t get any easier – I just miss you more, especially at this time of year.  You were such good fun at Christmas and you are sorely missed, even if you would have still tried to insist on getting the whole family together for a meal (pandemic or no pandemic – you would have been a nightmare!)   We’ll be sure to wake up the giant and play ‘How Green you are’ in your honour.  Annie

Reginald J Haydon

In memory of Reginald J Haydon

Thinking of you and talking about you today Dad.
We missed the “I didn’t get a lot this year” and “what did we buy you this year” sayings today.

Missed everyday,

God bless ya!

Love from ALL OF US.

David Foreman

In memory of David Foreman

Miss you yesterday, miss you today, will miss you always.
Forever in my heart my Daring Husband.


In memory of Emma

Dear daughter-in-law Emma, our first Christmas without you…. (how you loved Christmas ) Very much missed, but I will never forget you. Always in my heart.. Babs…xxxx

Geoff Eldridge

In memory of Geoff Eldridge

Think about you every day Dad. Miss your happy smile in what has been such a difficult year. The boys are always talking about you. You are always in our thoughts.
Miss and love you lots. Xxx

Sybil and Peter Wright

In memory of Sybil and Peter Wright

Dear Mum and Dad,
This is our first Christmas apart. We’ve had so many happy Christmases together as a family, full of laughter, joy and love.
We all miss you both so much and so wish you were here with us.
Thinking of you always,
Love forever,
Dawn, Steve, Mel, Em and Matt xxxxx

Mary Spittles

In memory of Mary Spittles

My lovely mum who pass away six years.
You are always missed every day.
Lots of love from your daughter and your
son-in-law Barry xx❤

Angela Ward

In memory of Angela Ward

The first Christmas without you – I miss your gorgeousness every day but you’re in my heart so you are always with me x x

Wendy Hodson

In memory of Wendy Hodson

Our 2nd Christmas without. Somehow nothing in life ever feels like it ever be the same without your warmth and love around us. Doing our best to make you proud everyday, loving you and missing you with every breath we take.


Yvonne Flint

In memory of Yvonne Flint

In Loving Memory Of Our Beautiful Nan , Mum, Sister , Auntie & Friend.

This Will Be The First Christmas With Out You This Year , And All I Can Say Is We Miss You So Much , I Hope You Are Shinning So Bright Up There xx

We Love You xx

Yvonne Flint

In memory of Matthew

Forever in our thoughts
Always in my heart xx

Joan & Raymond Saunders

In memory of Joan and Raymond Saunders

Mum and Dad, if I could have a Christmas wish, I’d have you here with me. My first Christmas without you, my heart and life will never feel the same. Love you both, miss your always and you will both be forever in my heart. Xxxxxxx

Katie Walsh

In memory of Katie Walsh

To my beautiful daughter Katie. You are missed every day. Our third Christmas without you. We will always love you. Mum and Dad.


In memory of Peter and Phyllis

Due to shielding we will not be able to celebrate together this year but hopefully rules allowing, we will be able to celebrate in style in 2021 xx

Sheila Barns

In memory of Sheila

Having planned last year to be together this Christmas, due to Covid restrictions this will not be possible. We will unite on Christmas Day at 11am by lighting our candles and hope that next year we will be able to celebrate together🙏