Christmas Book of Remembrance

With Christmas fast approaching, we feel it is important for everyone to have a space to pay a tribute to their loved ones.

Christmas is a tough time of the year for many who, for lots of reasons, are unable to be with their loved ones this year and a difficult day for families.  It may be due to death, distance or the need for isolation.

If you would like to leave a message in memory of your loved one or just post some thoughts if you are separated this year, please enter your name, your loved one’s name and your message in the form at the bottom of this page. It is also possible to upload a picture and we will aim to post your message on this page as soon as possible.

We have placed a candle here to encourage you, if you wish, to light a candle safely and come together with us at 11am on Christmas Day to remember your loved one please be safe in the knowledge you will not be the only one lighting a candle at that time.

We have also compiled a page with further help and support to help you over the Christmas period if you are missing a loved one.

chrsitmas tree with presents
Christmas Remembrance 'Dad'

In memory of Dad

I love you Dad! Merry Christmas from above. Thinking of you everyday. x x


Steph Dunn

In memory of Steph Dunn

To my beautiful daughter. Our 1st Christmas without you. So dearly missed. Love you lots Mum & Greg xxxxx


Katie Walsh

In memory of Katie Walsh

Thinking of you every day Katie. Another Christmas without you. It’s not the same without you. Rushing in on Christmas Day running upstairs to wrap up the presents then looking under the tree to see which ones are yours, 3 years have passed and wish you was here.

Benjamin and Bertie Hines

In memory of Benjamin and Bertie Hines

Thinking of my dear brother and grandad. Happy heavenly Christmas wish you was both here. Xxxxxx


Joan & Ray Saunders

In memory of Joan and Ray Saunders

My precious mum & Dad, not a day goes by that your not in my thoughts, if I could have a wish it would be to have you here with me. Love you always & forever, your heartbroken daughter. Happy heavenly Christmas xx

Peter and Sybil Wright

In memory of Peter and Sybil Wright

Dear Mum and Dad, Remembering all our wonderful Christmases we’ve had together. You’re forever in our hearts. All our love, Dawn, Steve, Mel, Em and Matt xxxxx


Emma Squires

In memory of Emma Squires

We think of you everyday , our beautiful daughter Emma. We miss you so much and your lovely smile. We will love you forever xxx


Sidney Eric John Buggs

In memory of Sidney Buggs

I love and miss you every day dad. Your sock is not empty it is filled with love xx


Carl Lummis

In memory of Carl Lummis

Happy Christmas Dad our second without you so much has happened I wish I could tell you all about it I hope your looking after auntie Pearl up there and I hope your looking down on us all I miss you everyday love you always! Xx

Charlie Sims

In memory of Charlie Sims

Another Christmas without you Dad, we love and miss you each and every day. Love from all the family xx


In memory of Pearl Foreman

Our first Christmas without you and it feel so empty without you and Carl missing you both so much I will raise a glass to you both and I hope you both have a glass with us Always close to me Xxx