Church of England- A Simple Reflection

Church of England- a simple reflection

At a time when so many people are unable to attend the funeral of those close to them, it has never been more important to support the bereaved. A vicar from the Church of England have produced a document with a simple reflection for those unable to attend the funeral of those they mourn. It includes prayers, Bible readings and other suggestions to remember those we love at this time and can be viewed here.

Bereavement support is something Anne Beckett-Allen, Director of Rosedale Funeral Home, has always been passionate about providing, and it is no different in these challenging times:

We felt it was really important to continue offering the vital support people need, especially at the moment when it is difficult to spent time with family and friends. Grief is different for everyone and sometimes, people want advice, support and a listening ear from someone outside the family. We are a family business and are here to help, and anyone who needs extra support and advice is very welcome to use these free services.

The bereavement support facilitators can be contacted Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 and 11 and GriefChat has been created for online support any time, day or night. For more information on either of these click here.