Client Service Questionnaire

We are continually looking at how we can improve the service that we provide and it will help us greatly if you can afford a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire. It may be that you were entirely satisfied with the funeral arrangements, but have an idea as to what we could do better, or there is something that we could have done differently that would have made a big difference to your family. Please do make any comments that you feel will assist us in further improving our service.

We will never pass your details to any 3rd parties.

Which Rosedale office did you use?

1. Why did you choose Rosedale Funeral Home?
2. How did you hear about us?
3. Was it a pre-paid funeral?
4. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the service provided.
Initial contact with us
Ease of contacting us
Bringing the deceased in to our care (if applicable)
Meeting to arrange the service:
Making you feel comfortable and at ease
The offer of a full range of services
Did our staff listen to your needs and wishes?
Were the funeral costs and third party payments explained clearly?
Did you feel that we had fully explained to you what would happen on the day of the funeral?
Did you feel we had kept in sufficient contact with you from our initial contact to the day of the funeral?
5. Did you visit our Chapel of Rest?
If yes, please indicate your level of satisfaction with the service provided:
The arrangement for the chapel visit
The atmosphere and quality of the chapel
The supportiveness of staff
Were you given sufficient time during your visit?
Was your loved one presented in accordance with your wishes?
6. At the funeral, did everything meet your expectations?

If no, please specify why
7. Was there any part of our service at the funeral that exceeded your expectations?

If yes, please specify why
8. Were our vehicles clean and comfortable?
9. Were your wishes and arrangements carried out in every detail?
10. Was there anyone or anything we provided that impressed you?
11. Is there anything we can do to improve our services to future families?
12. Would you recommend our services?
13. Overall, have we exceeded your expectations?
Are there any further comments you would like to make?
14. Have you visited our website?
15. Did you find our website useful?
16. Did our website influence your decision in choosing us?
17. Are there any other comments you wish to make?
18. A quote from a family about our service can be very helpful to a bereaved family when selecting a funeral director. Would you be happy to give your permission for your comments to be shared on our website, comparison websites and social media sites?