Rosedale Funeral Home is proud to support Norwich Theatre’s Creative Matters season on Loss and Grief.

There are a variety of performances, films and workshops taking place during March that you may be interested in attending.  All of them are aimed at providing a safe and inclusive space for anyone to explore their response to personal grief.

To view the entire programme you can visit Norwich Theatre’s website.

Open Sky Productions present the film COLD in partnership with Turtle Key Arts and the Courtyard Hereford.

This dark fairy tale for adults begins with a couple attending an ante-natal hospital appointment before being mysteriously transported to a stark frozen forest. Lost in the woods, savaged by the cold and hunted by a terrifying beast they must save themselves and their unborn child. In their desperation they stumble upon an abandoned cabin. So begins a struggle for survival in which they must face the hostile elements, malign magical forces and a truly terrible choice.

Addressing themes of love, grief, madness and redemption, COLD combines physical theatre with cutting edge filming techniques to create a uniquely dramatic audience experience. The project was filmed on the mainstage of Courtyard Hereford.

Supported by Fertility Fest, Antenatal Results & Choices (ARC) and The Miscarriage Association.
Funded by Arts Council England, The Elmley Foundation and Herefordshire Community Foundation

COLD is on the 15th March at 18:30 in the Norwich Theatre Stage Two.

Tickets are now available here.