Cooking for One to champion local restaurants and food suppliers

Cooking for One

The publishers of a new book aimed at helping those who are newly bereaved to learn the art of Cooking for One are looking for local restaurants and food suppliers to get involved.

The book, being published next year, will feature anecdotes, stories and recipes from people who have lost a loved one. We are now also reaching out to chefs, food suppliers and local restaurants to share with us some inspiring and simple recipes for one. In return, we want to champion those who create amazing ingredients and dishes for us by offering space to feature your products or restaurant in the Cooking for One book.

For example, we are keen to hear how a versatile product can be used for several different types of recipe to help those looking for inspiration when cooking for themselves. Alternatively, restaurants may have experiences how they cater for those who may eat alone in their establishments and the support that gives them.

Cooking for One aims to offer great recipes along with practical self-help and wellbeing tips. We are thrilled that the charity Cruse Bereavement Care has already backed the idea and we hope to be able to help them in return by donating all profits to them from book sales.

Anne Beckett-Allen, Director of Rosedale Funeral Home, who are behind the book, said:

“COVID-19 has brought into sharp focus how important our local food businesses are. We miss local restaurants terribly when we can’t visit or when we have problems getting hold of great local products. We want to play our part in raising the profile of food producers of all kinds and show that we care.”

Simon Beckett-AllenSimon Beckett-AllenSimon Beckett-Allen will edit Cooking for One, which will be in memory of his sister Sarah who died suddenly in 2015. He says Rosedale’s experience of supporting people after bereavement often shows that vital tasks like cooking are forgotten about after a loved one dies.

“When someone loses a husband, wife or partner after a long relationship their whole world is turned upside down. There are many adjustments that need to be made and new skills to be learned. Cooking a meal is often the furthest thing on their mind, especially if the person was used to cooking for others and is now on their own. Alternatively, if someone has lost the person who was the main cook in the household, they may struggle to fend for themselves.

We would love to hear from people who have been bereaved that can offer simple, great recipes that will inspire a person on their own to cook for themselves, as well as telling us something about how they coped with the loss of their loved one who we can hopefully then celebrate in the book.”

We have already had a great selection of recipes and inspiring stories from many who have backed our project. Submissions for inclusion are still open and anyone who has experience of losing a loved one is welcome to take part. Please click here for more information.

If you are a chef, local food producer or restaurant owner who would like to help the Cooking for One project, please click here for more information or email Lucy Coote at Rosedale Funeral Home by clicking here.