Opening Halesworth, supporting local sport and the environment

After years of searching for suitable premises in Halesworth, we finally opened the doors of Arcadia House in Halesworth, which former colleague Dee Besley headed up.  The premises are ideally situated in the town centre with car parking close by and with an upstairs room which we open up to community organisations for a meeting place. Sporting events have always featured in our sponsorship programmes, including Gymnast Bethany Harmer, football teams, bowls clubs and more recently the Attleborough Boxing Club which we have supported for many years. We extended our environmentally friendly range of coffins to include Fair Trade coffins made from pineapple leaves, willow and bamboo.  Wymondham is a Fair-Trade Town and we were part of their Fair-Trade steering group for a few years, championing the cause and encouraging businesses to stock and use Fair Trade products.