Winning three awards, signing the Quaker Social Action Fair Funeral Pledge and launching our cycle hearse

In the first ever award ceremony hosted by Nelson’s Journey we were delighted and honoured to win a Smiles Award in the category of Most Innovative Support, after we had built and donated a dolls house sized church which they use to explain to children what happens at a funeral service. The church was fully kitted out with a replica hearse and limousine, coffin trestles, lectern and pews and even a range of coffins and flowers. Our commitment to customer service was rewarded yet again when we received another Customer Care Award from Funeral Planning Services and were also highly commended in the Family Business Awards, this time in the category of Big Heart and given a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of Attleborough in the Attleborough Community Awards. Our final awards this year was to win the Eastern Daily Press Business Award in the category of Corporate and Social Responsibility. When we knew we had been shortlisted for the award and that the judges were coming to visit, we had to google it to find out what it was. Turned out we were quite good at it 😊 2015 saw the launch of the men’s shed in Halesworth which was supported by one of our pall bearers Doug Mizon. Doug has always been community spirited, getting involved with the Foodbank collection and distribution and other community projects and this was a natural one for Rosedale to support, because there are so many lonely widowers out there and very little opportunity for them to socialise in a setting such as this. One of our pall bearers Bob collapsed at work and was saved by quick thinking colleagues Skip and Chris who performed CPR having received first aid training just a few weeks previously. All our staff receive mandatory health and safety training in case their skills are called on when mourners are taken ill at funerals. We were at the forefront of launching a pioneering DNA service, which is sadly currently on hold owing to complications with the Human Tissue Act. However, keepsakes are still available incorporating a lock of hair, a fingerprint or some of the cremated remains. At Rosedale we recognise that funerals can be expensive, and many people struggle with the cost. We were among the first Funeral Directors in the country to sign the Quaker Social Action Fair Funeral Pledge when it was first launched in 2015, which means that we are committed to charge clear prices for our goods and services. When the extended version was launched, we also signed up to that, which means we are transparent about all our costings and we display these prices both on line and in our funeral homes and communicate them in initial conversations. The Fair Funerals pledge was launched by anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action who run Down to Earth, a project supporting people on low incomes to cover the cost of a funeral. We introduced two new product offerings this year, firstly a cycle hearse which has provided popular not only for funerals of cyclists, but for those looking for a funeral with a low carbon footprint. At the same time, we introduced a uniform which serves as an alternative to the traditional Victorian black frock coat, striped trousers, top hat and cane. Initially the idea came about for a funeral we arranged for a child where we thought it would seem ‘softer’ but we started make the option known to families and found that they liked the idea. The uniform consists of a bottle green blazer, beige chinos with dark brown shoes and a cream shirt and light green tie.