Cremations are often held in a crematorium and are the main alternative to holding a funeral in church. Crematoria have space to hold the service although it is also common to have the funeral service elsewhere, including a church, and then have a shorter service, known as a committal, at the crematorium.

The service

If you choose to hold the service in a crematorium, it can take the same form as one held in a church, with hymns, prayers, parables and a eulogy.  It can also be non-religious if you wish.


Charges for the crematorium vary depending on where you live.  Rosedale can advise you on the costs for crematoria locally in Norfolk and Suffolk.


We work with all the following local crematoria, although they have different things to offer in terms of the available service time, seating capacity, music and recording facilities and memorialisation. For more information on each crematoria, please use the link below.

Local Crematoria

Earlham Crematorium

Great Yarmouth Crematorium & Borough Council Cemeteries

Seven Hills Crematorium

St Faiths Crematorium

The West Suffolk Crematorium

Waveney Memorial Park & Crematorium

Regulations for cremations

There are restrictions about what may be cremated with the person who has died. Owing to the regulations around emissions, shoes, aerosols and items containing glass are forbidden but if there is a particular item you would like to stay with the person who has died, please talk to us and we can advise you.

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is a relatively new concept in the UK, but one that has received a lot of media attention. It is a low cost, unattended cremation without a funeral ceremony.  You don’t go to visit the person who has died in the funeral home, there is no hearse, no procession, and no service in the crematorium. The coffin is cremated without a ceremony and without any family or friends in attendance.

Rosedale Funeral Home are able to offer a Direct Cremation Service for £1,695.

Find out more about a Direct Cremation