Cruse Bereavement Care to benefit from Cooking for One

Cruse Bereavement Care

Rosedale Funeral Home is thrilled to announce that all profits from the sale of Cooking for One will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Care.

Cruse is the United Kingdom’s largest bereavement charity, which provides free care and bereavement counselling to people suffering from grief, is a perfect fit for those we hope will benefit from Cooking for One when it is published next year.

Caz Thompson, Chair of Norwich & Central Norfolk Cruse Bereavement Care said: “We cannot thank our friends at Rosedale Funeral Home enough for donating to our cause in this amazing way. Thank you everyone at Rosedale for supporting the work of Cruse.”

Caz added that the charity was fully supportive of the way Cooking for One aims to help those who have been bereaved. “When somebody close dies you often don’t just lose the person, which is devastating in itself, you may also lose your lifestyle, and the framework of your life.”

“You may have been the person who cared, or you may have lost your carer.  You may have lost a beloved parent or grandparent or close friend. Whomever it was,  the tectonic plates of your life have shifted and everything around may be suddenly unfamiliar and uncomfortable. You may no longer shop for and cook meals in the way you once did.

“In the weeks, months and years that follow this kind of bereavement small steps and day to day progress is often the way we learn to live with our new reality. Food plays a big part in all our lives, and memories around meals and recipes are carried in our hearts along with the people we have lost.”

Submissions are open from now until January next year, when all the entries will be collated and a range of them will be included in the book, which is due to be launched next summer.

For further information about Cooking for One and a link to the submission form, please visit the Cooking For One section of our site here.  There is also a printed form available for download on the website for anyone who would rather submit their story and recipe by post.