Rosedale Funeral Home: Diss

Office hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm
24 hour phone line answered by a member of the Rosedale team

Diss Funeral Home

Where to park

Parking for our families can be found behind our funeral home down the narrow drive (you will see our garage at the bottom of the drive).   If it is busy, then our staff will be able to help.

Meet our team

Richard Green
Funeral Consultant - Dip FD
Christian Fairbrother
Funeral Director - Dip FD
Funeral Director - Dip FD
Kerry Welch
Funeral Administrator – Dip FAA
Abby-Leigh Slaughter
Funeral Administrator
Kevin Mobbs
Funeral Operative/Funeral Conductor - DIP FAA
Keith Baxter
Funeral Conductor/Driver/Bearer
Beverley Bulmer
Funeral Bereavement Support
Sarah Howard
Funeral Bereavement Support