Eco Burial

Our eco funeral package uses environmentally friendly materials for the coffin with a biodegradable floral coffin spray.

£3,500 for the below package without any additions.

woodland burial ground

For Cremation & Burial


✔ Bringing the person who has died into the care of Rosedale within a 20-mile radius of any of our branches. Use of our mortuary facilities and gentle and sensitive care of the deceased up until the time of the funeral.

✔  The professional services of our qualified and caring staff who will give you all the time you need to support you with all the arrangements including liaising with other involved professionals, advice on registering the death and organising the completion of statutory paperwork.  The initial meeting can be conducted face to face, over the telephone or by Zoom, whichever is preferred, and there is further unlimited support by phone and email throughout the whole process.

✔ The professional services of our qualified and caring staff who will give you all the time you need to support you with registering the death and arranging the burial.  Unlimited support by phone and email is given throughout the whole process.

✔ The preparation and collation of all the statutory paperwork for burial and ensuring this reaches the burial authority in a secure and timely manner.

✔ A celebrant (to the value of £230) or minister to plan and lead the service.

✔ The provision of a gown for the person who has died or the alternative of dressing them in their own clothes.

✔ A handmade Highsted or Cromer willow coffin with Fair Trade status, which has been lined to include a pillow and an environmentally friendly name plate showing their full name, age and date of death.

✔ Taking a digital fingerprint scan that can be transferred with a personalised message onto a variety of different keepsakes.

✔ The Rosedale chapel of rest to be made available for appointments during usual office hours to give the family the opportunity pay their last respects or to add personal items into the coffin.

✔  We will process any donations received in branch as well as create a Much Loved tribute page which can serve as a beautiful online memorial as well as giving the opportunity for friends and family to leave an online, gift aided donation in lieu of flowers to a charity of your choosing.

✔ 30 copies of a 4 page order of service with a personalised full colour cover with black and white inside pages printed on high quality recycled card.

✔ A biodegradable 3ft floral coffin spray compromising fresh, seasonal flowers and foliage and, if desired, incorporating flowers from the garden of the person who has died.

✔ The cortege comprising of a traditional hearse to transport the coffin to the crematorium and mourners to following in their own cars along a route of your choosing. (For an additional fee we can hire a hybrid hearse).

✔ A funeral service and burial organised at the same local venue of your choosing at a mutually convenient day and time, with mourners being able to attend the service.

✔ Professional advice regarding memorial and jewellery keepsakes such as heart in diamond which creates stunningly beautiful diamonds from your loved one’s hair so you can hold on to your special memories of them — forever.

✔ Access to our local bereavement support groups led by caring, trained facilitators where you can meet with other people who understand what grief can feel like and can help you to navigate your way through it. Access to our bereavement lending library and signposting to specialist bereavement support where necessary.

✔ Online access to an award winning probate and estate administration team who will guide you through every necessary practical and legal step following a bereavement – in manageable chunks, including locating a Will, applying for Probate, HMRC forms, providing template letters to companies and banks and distributing funds to beneficiaries.

✔ An invitation to Rosedale’s annual remembrance service at Christmas and the opportunity to be kept informed of other appropriate events that may support your family.

This package has been developed to meet the needs of families who request an environmentally friendly burial and to be competitive with other funeral providers.  If you wish to add in additional elements such as a funeral service at a different venue prior to the burial, increasing the number of the orders of service or newspaper notices this may be possible at our discretion, but it may be that a bespoke funeral arrangement would be more suitable for your needs.  No discounts can be given for parts of the specification not used.  You should take careful note of the following exclusions to ensure it is the right package for you and your family.

We do not routinely carry out embalming of the person who has died but can sometimes arrange this, at an additional cost at the request of the family.  You should note however that some woodland burial parks actively discourage and even prohibit this.  If the circumstances dictate that embalming is advisable, we will discuss this with you.

Woodland burial Parks often have strict regulations with regards to planting and memorialisation and some do not allow headstone or memorial plaques.   Some woodland burial parks only allow single depth graves, and many are left to return to a natural state, so visiting the woodland burial park before deciding on the location used is advised.

The cost of burial varies widely throughout Norfolk and Suffolk depending on the cemetery, churchyard or natural burial ground you choose and whether you are a local resident. The burial plot or interment fee and any charges for the preparation of the grave or exclusive rights of burial are therefore NOT included, but we will be able to advise you of any additional costs.