Estate Administration and Probate

Trust Inheritance

When you start looking for information about Estate Administration  and Probate it can sometimes raise more questions than answers. To better support you during your bereavement, we have partnered with ‘Trust Inheritance‘ who we trust to uphold our duty of care to our families.

They have 30 years experience of helping bereaved families and are recommended by SAIF, the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (UK). Their bereavement team are award winning as is their customer service so you can be sure of a professional and personal service when you call them.

Rosedale can offer our families the DIY option, normally £300, absolutely free of charge. The other options are at a cost that is preferential to our families.

Whether you want to save money by doing all or some of the work yourself; or if you would like to hand everything over to a solicitor; call them for a no obligation chat about which option is most suitable for your circumstances and to find out what preferential rates are available to you.


Speak to an award-winning support team to get your questions answered about Probate and Estate Administration.

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