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When you start looking for information about Estate Administration and Probate it can sometimes raise more questions than answers. To better support you during your bereavement, we have partnered with Trust Inheritance who we trust to uphold our duty of care to our families. We are proud to be able to offer our families the DIY probate toolkit absolutely free of charge instead of the usual charge of £300. If you decide to use any other service that requires more involvement by Trust Inheritance, then you will be offered a preferential rate.

Trust Inheritance have 30 years experience of helping bereaved families and are recommended by SAIF, the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (UK). Their bereavement team are award winning as is their customer service so you can be sure of a professional and personal service when you call them.

DIY Probate Service
(free to Rosedale families)

The online DIY probate toolkit allows you to fully administer an estate, and apply for Probate online. It will guide you through every necessary practical and legal step following a bereavement – in manageable chunks.  From locating a Will, to applying for Probate and distributing funds to beneficiaries. Once complete, you will have fully administered an estate according to the Law in England and Wales.

  • Allows you to complete the application for Grant of Probate
  • Auto-populates letter templates for companies and banks
  • Generates estate accounts
  • Populates relevant HMRC forms

Professional Probate Service
(Preferential rate)

The Professional Probate service is an ideal Estate Administration option for those who want to save money by completing some of the admin yourself. While resting easy in the knowledge that a legal professional is with you every step of the way to prevent mistakes, and speed things up. This option has all the benefits of the Online Probate Service, as well as a legal advisor who will help you to fast track your Grant of Probate Application.

  • Retain control of administering the estate
  • A Legal Advisor will help you to fast track the Grant of Probate
  • Release funds sooner by obtaining a Grant of Probate within weeks, not months
  • Free property sale if required
  • Includes technical and legal support
  • One-off fixed fee

Appoint a solicitor
(Preferential rate)

The full estate administration service is ideal for those who would like to hand everything over to a solicitor in order to complete Estate Administration and fulfil their obligations as an Executor or Personal Representative. A fast-tracked Grant of Probate is included and completed on your behalf.

  • Simply hand everything over to a Solicitor
  • Regular updates to keep you informed of progress
  • Your Solicitor will assume liability for the administration of the estate

How do I access this service?

  1. Retrieve your access code by calling the Bereavement Team at Trust Inheritance on 0800 954 01 12
  2. Your adviser will give you access to the toolkit and help you get started, if you want
  3. Use your access code when prompted

Or, get started now online

  1. Head here and click on the Online Probate Service
  2. Create a free account
  3. Take a look around, the first two steps are free
  4. If you decide to continue using the toolkit, call the Bereavement Team Trust Inheritance on 0800 954 01 12 and ask for your voucher code

Is this right for me?

This service is delivered by Trust Inheritance, who have been supporting families with legal and practical matters during bereavement for 30 years. If you would like to find out more about this tool and whether it is right for you, please call Trust Inheritance.

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