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Mother’s Day

31 March, 2019 - 1 April, 2019

This month, while many celebrate Mother’s Day, there will be a group of people spending this special day without their mum and staff at Rosedale Funeral Home will once again be opening their Book of Memories from which people may draw comfort by expressing how they feel or sharing prayers, poems, thoughts and inspirational sayings. There is a Book of Memories in each branch of Rosedale and anyone who has been bereaved of their mum can contribute to the book, and children and young people are also encouraged and can even bring along a photograph to paste in.  The pages will be kept for many years and will be a testament to the understanding and acceptance that comes with the passing of seasons.  You do not have to be profound!  You may wish to include your thoughts and feelings about your mother’s death as well as any special memories you have of her life.   Share how she made you feel and the special things she did for you.   Just to say you are remembering someone special is enough. Rosedale also have available a limited number of forget me not seeds for families to take away and plant in memory of their mum.  Both the seeds and the book of memories will be available in the week prior to Mother’s Day. And in the days surrounding Mother’s Day, remember it’s OK to grieve for your mum in your own way. Many people grieve outwardly, through tears and expressed emotions, while others grieve inwardly and keep the hurt they feel to themselves. If talking or writing about the situation makes you feel better, then you should express yourself but remember that in the early days of a loss, you aren’t obligated to anyone to tell them how you feel. There is no right way to grieve. Popping in to the funeral home is also an ideal opportunity to find out more about Rosedale’s bereavement support groups and memory boxes, as well as the Nelson’s Journey Smiles and tears gift box, which would make a beautiful gift for a child that has been bereaved of his or her mother.


31 March, 2019
1 April, 2019

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