Eye Hare and Tortoise Trail

Trail of Hope

Following the success of last years sheep trail, Eye based charity Dream On have organised a ‘Trail of Hope‘ which is premiering Friday 17th July.

This year, local businesses have sponsored either a hare or a tortoise which will form the ‘Trail of Hope’ in the village of Eye. Rosedale has worked with local photographer Wendy Aiken who has taken photos of residents of Eye throughout the lockdown period. The hare, named Nutbrown, has been decorated with the photos as testament to these unusual times and will hopefully be preserved for posterity.

Dream On are unable to hold an official launch this year due to the restrictions, however, they plan to have a live event that we stream on social media of Friday 17th July. Similar to the sheep last year, there will also eventually be an auction to raise funds for the charity, however the details of this are yet to be confirmed.

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