Fair Funeral Pledge

Fair Funeral PledgeAt Rosedale we recognise that funerals can be expensive, and many people struggle with the cost.  We were among the first Funeral Directors in the country to sign the Quaker Social Action Fair Funeral Pledge when it was first launched in 2015, which means that we are committed to charge clear prices for our goods and services.  When the extended version was launched, we also signed up to that, which means we are transparent about all our costings and we display these prices both on line and in our funeral homes and communicate them in initial conversations. The Fair Funerals pledge was launched by anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action who run Down to Earth, a project supporting people on low incomes to cover the cost of a funeral. Their Fair Funerals campaign is working with government, charities and the funeral industry to tackle the growing problem of funeral poverty.

The pledge asks Funeral Directors:

  1. To recognise funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost.
  2. To help people to find funerals that are within their means.
  3. To be open about their most affordable options: a) in initial conversations, b) within their price lists and c) on their website, including third party costs.

The extended Fair Funerals pledge is a step up from the existing pledge and asks that funeral directors help people to find funerals within their budget by displaying the full price of affordable options online, including third party costs.

Fair Funerals is part of a national campaign to tackle funeral poverty and pledged to provide a fair deal for local people on low incomes. Funeral poverty exists when the cost of a funeral is beyond a person’s ability to pay. Over the past ten years, in some parts of the country, the cost of a basic funeral has risen 80% – from an average of £1,920 to £3,551.

At the same time, the grant from the state, available to people on very low incomes has dwindled. It now only covers around 35% of the overall cost of a funeral. Often people don’t find out whether they are eligible for support for a number of weeks by which time they have had to commit to funeral costs having no idea if they’ll get any help towards them.

Over the years we have strived to break down the taboos surrounding death and dying and we are proud to be leading the way to help tackle this problem. We have experienced first-hand families who are at risk of getting into debt when they take on the responsibility for arranging a funeral but equally no one should have to go through the distress of not being able to afford a decent funeral for someone they love.

People can find it hard to discuss money, but we are here to help and offer alternative options and assist in the best way that we can while still providing a personal and respectable funeral for a loved one.

If you would like to discuss funeral costs or learn more about pre-planning a funeral, please contact us.

We know that talking about money can be difficult and uncomfortable for many and when you are trying to arrange the funeral of a loved one, it is just another factor for the recently bereaved to have to worry about.  This lack of openness by funeral directors makes it difficult for people with a minimal income to shop around and find a funeral within their budget.

There are very large differences between what funeral directors charge, but without being able to check prices before speaking to a funeral director, many people don’t realise this and end up spending more than they can afford, which often leads to crippling debt.

There are many ways we assist our families who are on a lower income to create a personal and affordable funeral service. Our staff are all trained to advise families on the grants and financial support that they may be entitled to, as well as offering money saving tips and suggestions such as offering the free loan of a coffin spray made from silk flowers or having a family member design their own order of service. For us, it is not the ‘bottom line’ but what is best for the family. We have a social responsibility to our bereaved families which is paramount when arranging a funeral.