Waveney Foodbank

At Rosedale Funeral Home, we are committed to serving our community, and the local Foodbank is a charity that we have supported for many years.

Each of our funeral homes has been registered as a drop off point for residents to donate food and we ensure that they are delivered onto their final destination.

We have also supported them at some of our annual events such as the Walk of Remembrance and Christmas Service of Remembrance where the money collected has been given to the Foodbank enabling them to buy the items needed at that time.

Life is tough for many families these days, as they struggle to make ends meet, often with parents going without to ensure the limited food they have goes to their children. Local food banks provide a lifeline giving out over 60,000 meals in the last year via the Waveney Foodbank alone.

Waveney Foodbank, a member of the Trussell Trust, aims to increase the donations of food for local people in need. On average ten people every day last year were referred to the Waveney Foodbank. Following a referral by an official source, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or local church, a parcel is given containing up to three days’ worth of food for each person in the household.  The food parcels are given to specific families who are identified as having an immediate need. It is not intended as a long term solution, but can provide much needed relief while they get their lives and finances back on an even keel. “More and more people are just one payday away from crisis, and a large repair bill will push those families into food poverty”, says Mathew Scales Manager of Waveney Foodbank.

Simon Becket-Allen, Director of Rosedale explains why the Foodbanks need our support: “Since we registered Rosedale Funeral Homes as a drop off point, it has really opened our eyes to the massive need of people right on our own door step. We appreciate that money is often tight, but we are hoping that people will be able to purchase just one or two items a week that they can then deliver in to one of our funeral homes.

“Many items have already been brought into our funeral homes by extremely generous residents of the towns and surrounding villages and we would like to say a big thank you to all concerned. It really is heart-warming.”

At present, items required for the Foodbank are: Milk (UHT or powdered), cartons of long life fruit juice, instant mashed potato, small packs of nappies (any size), formula milk, soap, baby food, shampoo, female sanitary items, razors, pasta sauces, rice, sugar, tinned tomatoes, tinned rice pudding, tinned vegetables, tinned meat (stews, curries, ham, corned beef, chick in sauce) tinned fish, tinned fruit, dog and cat food, toilet rolls etc. Tin openers are also a good item, as not everyone possesses one.