Funeral Costs

All funerals are different and therefore can vary greatly in price. Rosedale is completely willing to discuss all costs with you in an open and honest way and work with your available budget to provide a personal and meaningful funeral service.   We are always available to provide you with information about funeral choices and the associated costs, as well as to answer any niggling questions that you may have. There is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question.

You may be advised to phone around a number of funeral directors to seek alternative quotations for the funeral.  Please be assured that this is quite acceptable and don’t feel embarrassed to call us or pop in and ask us about funeral costs, we would be pleased to have a conversation with you about finances and give you the opportunity to check and compare prices without the need to commit emotionally or financially.

Buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing and it can be difficult to find clear and comparable information about how much things cost. We feel our charges are clear and fair and have published them here in line with our commitment to the Fair Funeral Pledge which puts transparency and honesty at the centre of our work.

We know that there are other funeral companies who are significantly more expensive than us and these tend to be the ones who are part of larger groups, who are answerable to a group of shareholders. Some funeral companies charge less than us, and are often smaller, one-man bands that keep their overheads low and may not invest as much into their staff training, facilities and standards as we do at Rosedale. Do check that your chosen funeral director is a member of a professional Trade Association and has a License to Practice- many don’t. We truly believe that you get what you pay for and we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service at affordable cost. We believe that we provide the best value for money in South Norfolk and North Suffolk.

Fair Funeral PledgeFair Funeral Pledge

At Rosedale we recognise that paying for a funeral can be difficult, especially if the person who has died has not put finalised plans in place.  We have signed the Fair Funerals Pledge 2020 which means that we will help people to find funerals that are within their means, will be open about the price of our services, including third party costs and about the amount of any deposit we require and when this and the final balances are due.



There are many different types of funeral, from a very elaborate occasion through to a simpler funeral or even what has become known as Direct Cremation.  Below we have set out what is included in our range of different cremation and burial packages along with associated costs.

Standard Cremation or Burial


Our standard cremation or burial package includes the care of your loved one, organising funeral arrangements and liasing with involved professionals on your behalf.

Essential Cremation or Burial


The essential cremation or burial package includes many of the features of our standard package but has been carefully designed to reduce costs where possible.

Unattended Cremation or Burial

From £1200

It is not uncommon for the person who has died to have asked that their body should be cremated or buried with no ceremony. At Rosedale we provide an unattended funeral option.

Enhanced Unattended Cremation or Burial


Our enhanced unattended package includes the opportunity to pay your last respects to your loved one at Rosedale’s Chapel of Rest.

Eco Funerals


We can arrange eco funerals using environmentally friendly materials for the coffin with a biodegradable floral coffin spray.

Ashes Casket Selection – Prices from £65

Free of charge

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Should you require advice on financial assistance in paying for a funeral, please contact staff at any of our branches for information and contact telephone numbers regarding the Social Fund, Bereavement Payment, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Bereavement Allowance, Child Funeral Charity and advice on other means of financial help available to you. 

A word of warning.

There are companies who offer a direct cremation service for a very minimal cost.  These low-cost packages do not include for ANY care of the deceased.  The deceased will simply be collected from the hospital, placed in a coffin and taken to their central holding area which serves the whole country.  There will be no last offices carried out, no washing or dressing of the deceased and any catheters or cannulas will all be left in situ.

The direct cremation service that we offer ensures that last offices are carried out by caring, qualified staff and any deceased brought into the care of Rosedale will be washed and dressed. Should you wish, viewing in the chapel of rest is also possible for an additional charge

Third Party Costs

All our funeral charges exclude third party costs which are sometimes referred to as disbursements. These are payments that we make on your behalf, such as church or crematorium fees, civil celebrant, florist, doctors, newspaper announcements, etc. Rosedale respectfully asks that all third party costs are paid in full 48 hours following the arrangement of the funeral.

For a guideline of third party costs, please click here.

Payment Terms

Once we have made the funeral arrangements with you, you will be given a written estimate of the costs with our Terms and Conditions. Any third party payments will need to be paid in advance of the funeral. We do not add anything onto third party payments, but do receive a small commission from certain parties such as the newspapers and florists to help cover our administration costs. The other costs won’t be payable until after the funeral. In cases where families are waiting for probate, we can liaise with your solicitor regarding delayed payment.

For our terms and conditions please click here.

Concerned about costs?

For families who are concerned about costs, there are many ways in which we can support you, such as help and advice as to whether you would be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Government towards the funeral costs. Please click here for more information.

If you think you will have difficulty in paying for the funeral, please be honest with us.  If you tell us your situation we can offer advice – there are often ways that costs can be eliminated or scaled down to make a funeral affordable whilst still being personal and meaningful.

When planning a funeral, bereaved people can experience a broad range of emotions, including a need to provide the person who has died with a meaningful tribute. This can lead to anxiety about ‘getting it right’ and if there are limited funds for arranging the funeral, an overwhelming sense of guilt. Having the help of a non-judgemental funeral director at this time can make all the difference, so please don’t be embarrassed to ask. Funeral poverty is becoming a growing problem for many people, where the cost of a funeral is beyond the person’s ability to pay. This is not an uncommon situation and we are familiar with advising families who find themselves in this position.

Should you require advice on financial assistance in paying for a funeral, we can offer advice and information regarding the Social Fund, Bereavement Payment, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Bereavement Allowance, Child Funeral Charity and advice on other means of financial help available to you.