How to grieve when you can’t visit the grave

how to grieve

Current restrictions mean that people are finding it increasingly hard to grieve for those they love, especially if they cannot visit the grave. Below are some ideas that you may find helpful during this time:

Create a special area in the house or garden as a tribute to the loved one- put up photos, flowers in a vase or light a special candle.

Write a heartfelt letter to the loved one- some people find it helpful to burn the letter with the ashes/ smoke symbolically going ‘up to heaven’ to reach their loved one.

Spend a few hours creating a memory book with special photos, memories, thoughts and tributes. Memory boxThis activity is therapeutic, healing and honours the memory of the one who has been lost.

Plant a small plant in a special area of the garden, each day tend that area and think about your loved one and say a prayer for them if appropriate.

Create a memory box containing special objects such as photos, letters and other sentimental items. This can be buried in a special area of the garden and visited regularly. Flowers can also be placed here.

Going through the possessions of a loved one can be incredibly hard, but it can also be a way of bringing to mind memories and stories. You could create a box of memories as you discover different items. For more advice please click here.

Write a book about your loved one as a tribute to them- it doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be published. It can serve as a place of safekeeping for special memories and tributes. Ask friends and family if they could contribute something to go in the book too.

Find or create two items such as decorated pebbles or knitted hearts. One can be kept by yourself and the other can either be buried or kept with the ashes of your loved one.

Create a photo album of memories either for yourself, or for other members of the family. It can be a very therapeutic thing to do whilst riding the rollercoaster of emotions.

Fill in a box of thoughts over a period of time. You can come back to it and either read it again or add different memories.

At a time when people are feeling increasingly isolated, bereavement support has never been more important. Rosedale Funeral Home can now offer GriefChat which was created by bereavement counsellors and can be accessed by phone and email. For more information on what bereavement support we can offer please click here.