Knitting for the NNUH

knitting for the NNUH

The nurses at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have been knitting or crocheting hearts in their spare time to help the families of those dying from COVID-19. At the time of need they give one heart to the family and an identical one to the patient so that despite the circumstances they feel close to each other. As families are increasingly unable to spend time with their loved ones and nurses are less able to knit the amount required, knitting these hearts is a small gesture that we can do that can go a long way.

Alison Storey, one of the funeral arrangers at the Beccles office, has kindly created these pdf documents for those who would like to start knitting or crocheting:

Crochet heart pattern

Simple crochet heart pattern

Heart knitting pattern

The hearts should measure approximately 7cm x 7cm and can be sent to:

Hearts for Covid19

Critical Care Complex

Gissing ITU/HDU

Centre Block Level 3

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Colney Lane



Please click Hearts for N&N COVID-19 patients and families for the most up to date information.