Mobile Phones and Funeral Etiquette

mobile phone funeral etiquette

In a survey collated by The Guardian, one in six people have admitted to using their mobile phone during a funeral with almost a fifth of funeral services being interrupted by a mobile phone ringing.

We do encourage that people kindly switch of their mobile phone as a sign of respect towards the family. Equally we wouldn’t suggest posting anything on social media unless you have been asked to do so by close family.

Although black, smart clothing is traditionally worn to a funeral, remember to feel comfortable and dress for the weather. On some occasions specific requests to wear brightly coloured clothing or themes may be announced by the family to reflect their loved one’s personality. If in doubt, we suggest that you keep your attire smart and comfortable.

The seating at the front is traditionally reserved for close family. We suggest if you are unsure as to where to sit, start from the middle seats and work back. If you are running late, try to come in as quietly as you can and stand towards the back to avoid disruption.

Children are welcome to attend a service, although we do suggest that you confirm with the family as well. Explaining to a child prior to the funeral is advised and we have some further information here which also includes our helpful video ‘What Happens at a Funeral’. We also have several books and other resources that might be helpful for children.

Please visit here for a further guide to funeral etiquette.