MoCo Workshop

Norwich Theatre

Rosedale Funeral Home is proud to support Norwich Theatre’s Creative Matters season on Loss and Grief.

There are a variety of performances, films and workshops taking place during March that you may be interested in attending.  All of them are aimed at providing a safe and inclusive space for anyone to explore their response to personal grief.

We will be highlighting all of the events here over the coming days.  To view the entire programme you can visit Norwich Theatre’s website.

The MoCo Workshop provides a safe space for women to connect and gives them the opportunity to be themselves and be visible.

Participants will learn about visual performance by working together supportively, exploring ideas through subtle movement exercises and celebrating women’s voices.

This 2-hour session is aimed at improving self-confidence and well-being.

10:30am – 12:30pm – Miche Montague (Director & Writer), Mandy Kiley (Actor)
12:00 – 12:30pm – Jonathan Adkins (Designer)

The Moco Workshop is on the 8th March at 10:30 at Norwich Theatre Stage Two.
Tickets are now on sale here.