Further support for bereaved children

bereaved child

Restrictions such as social distancing and social isolation can make a bereavement much more challenging for a child. They may not have been able to see their loved one when they were ill and they may not be able to attend the funeral. This can have a huge impact on their grieving process.

Simon Wright is chief executive officer of Nelson’s Journey, a Norfolk charity that provides support for bereaved children and young people. He wrote an article on how to support children during this time which can be found here.

Child Support Workers at Nelson’s Journey are also available to chat with anyone seeking guidance regarding supporting bereaved children and young people (aged 0 – 17yrs inclusive), living in Norfolk, following the death of a special person in their life. They are available Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm on 01603 431788

Dr Elaine Klewchuck and Dr Susie Willis from the Paedriatric Clinical Psychology Department at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children have written a helpful booklet to help support children who may be finding their bereavement challenging. The pdf of the booklet and supporting video is shown below.