In these uncertain times, what can already be a hard day for many can become much more difficult. Lucy Coote, the Community Ambassador for Rosedale Funeral Home, has suggested ways in which a loved one can be honoured and celebrated even if you are unable to be with your family.

While many celebrate Mother’s Day, there will be a group of people spending this special day without their mum. Rosedale has commissioned a special book of memories from which people may draw comfort by expressing how they feel or sharing prayers, poems, thoughts and inspirational sayings.

There will be Mother’s Day books in all our Rosedale Funeral Homes and anyone who has been bereaved of their mum can contribute to the book, and children and young people are also encouraged. If you wish to come in and write in it please do, but we understand that at present there are many people who are not going out so you can e-mail us a message for us to put in or put one in the post and we will ensure it is included.

From all of our Funeral Homes we have available beautifully presented ‘forget-me-not’ seeds for families to have and plant in memory of their mum. If you would like to receive a sachet of seeds, please contact your local branch who can post them out to you.

There are also other ways for people to remember their loved one this Mother’s Day:

Encourage family members to light a candle at a specific time, secure in the knowledge that they are not alone, and others are thinking of their mum as well.

Cook your mum’s favourite meal and the aroma that fills the air may stir some special memories.

Make a scrapbook of your mum’s life filled with photos and the memories you have. Reach out to family and friends who are also grieving and share stories about her. You can collate memories important to you about your mum which is something you can add to and treasure for many years to come.

For more advice and support you can click Cruise Bereavement Care