Music and visual tributes

Music and visual tributes can personalise a service and can help to reflect and commemorate a person’s life.

The music chosen for a funeral can be anything from traditional hymns and organ music to something more modern and relevant to the person, or even include live musicians such as a bagpiper, New Orleans jazz band or a string quartet.

Funeral Music

You may select the music that will be played as the congregation arrives, as the mourners enter and leave the place of service, as well as hymns or music for reflection during the service and at the wake afterwards. In conjunction with the person who will lead the service, we can guide you with the order of service and arrange for these to be printed for you.

Service sheets can be personalised with appropriate photographs, themes, colour schemes, drawings or a badge or emblem.

Visual tributes can play an important part in remembering a life, either during the service or afterwards when friends and family gather. We can help you to collate a slide show set to music and facilitate this on the day, either liaising with the crematorium or providing a projector, screen, speakers and appropriate software.