Nursing Homes and Rosedale

Rosedale Funeral Home have over the years, endeavoured to build strong relationships with our local Nursing Homes, believing in strong community relations and a duty of care to those people we feel able to help. Rosedale Funeral Home offer a range of resources such as Memory Boxes to dementia patients, Sensory Bands and Adult Memory Training.

An Introduction to the Funeral Profession

An ‘Introduction to the Funeral Profession’ day was implemented by Rosedale Funeral Home in recent years to give those working in the care industry an insight into what happens to the deceased and the bereaved when a loved one is taken into the care of a Funeral Director.

Participants are collected by limousine by a member of our staff and brought to our funeral home where they have a tour of the premises and an explanation of the work at the funeral home, including how we care for the deceased once they are entrusted into our care. In the afternoon, they are taken to Colney Woodland Burial Park, where they will be given a guided tour of the Woodland Cemetery and a talk about bereavement counselling and guidance on breaking the news to a relative that their loved one has died. Finally, for those who wish, we travel on to Earlham to look behind the scenes at the crematorium. Some people are unsure whether the coffins are really cremated or whether the ashes they get back are really the right ones and this is an opportunity to have some of the myths dispelled.

This day is completely free of charge and open to care staff who work in the local community.

If you think that this is something you may be interested in, please contact your nearest Rosedale Funeral Home branch for further details.