Beverley Bulmer

Funeral Bereavement Support

Beverley joined Rosedale in the Spring of 2016 as a Bereavement Support Group Facilitator which involves the on going running of groups over the three Norfolk branches – offering a total of 6 courses per year – each running for 8 consecutive weeks. During the course she is able to offer support to people of all ages who have lost a loved one.  She follows a programme called Grief Journey, which has been specifically designed by Dr. Bill Webster, who has had his own personal journey through grief.

She loves to see the change in people who attend the groups.  The first week of the course is so very hard for everybody to attend, as it is the point at which they know they are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. To see how attendees are able to open up and feel the support of other group members, as they realise they are not alone in their grief is really quite special.  Many new friendships are made and although we never profess to having a magic wand that will make it all go away – it is beautiful to see how people start to have hope in the possibility of how they are able to re-build their lives after the loss of a loved one.

Alongside being a facilitator of the Bereavement Groups for Rosedale, she also offers her services as a Civil Celebrant – working very closely with families to support them by preparing and conducting ceremonies that honour their loved ones as they say farewell.

Being a dog owner Beverley loves to go for walks in the beautiful countryside we have available to us in the area. She also has a personal interest in health and well-being and as such takes an active role in areas where she feels able to support and inspire others. She believes that Rosedale has a genuinely caring approach for all, which is second to none in taking care of the families they look after – treating all with the utmost love and respect that everybody truly deserves.

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Beverley Bulmer