Lee Hirons

Funeral Conductor, Driver, Bearer

One funeral can be very different from the next and as a conductor you do not want any surprises on the day. Therefore, it’s crucial that the team of bearers and drivers are prepared and briefed and feeling completely confident in their roles; that is my job. Also, introducing myself to the family the day before a funeral is a friendly and pleasant way to put their minds at rest and reassure them that they will never have less than 100% of our attention.

Having worked as a record producer for many years, I have an approach and manner that can bring out the best in people. I am able to help others feel comfortable and confident, which is invaluable when you are leading a team that is helping and comforting others through one of the biggest days of their lives.

I am a family man and I was born and raised in Fulham, London. I moved up to Beccles a few years ago after visiting many times.

Before joining Rosedale in the Spring of 2019 I had a long career in the music industry, starting out as a young songwriting musician and growing into a successful recording artist, producer and engineer.

If you were to squeeze some of the people I’ve recorded, mixed, played or written for onto a train, it would include several Ivor Novello and Brit award winners, a Turner prize winning artist, a multi-prize winning author, many Oscar and Bafta winners, a dozen or so number one selling artists, a couple of senior members of the royal family, a three-time world heavyweight champion and at least one national treasure.

Rosedale is a fabulous, family run business that is full of selfless lovely people and I’m delighted to be working for them. I found myself attracted to the industry after attending the funerals of four friends and two family members in 2018. It seemed to me that there were elements of those funerals that could’ve been better and when I saw that Rosedale were hiring, I immediately applied and I have found it to be very rewarding and meaningful work.

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Lee Hirons