Liz and Rod Chapman

Friendship Group Facilitators

Elizabeth Chapman (Liz) joined Rosedale in 2005 and is a Friendship Group Facilitator at the Diss Branch.

Her current position is facilitating two Friendship groups which meet once a month in Diss and Attleborough.

Liz is happily married to Rod and they will be celebrating their golden wedding in May this year.  They have two lovely daughters, two great sons-in-law and four wonderful grandchildren.  Her hobbies include gardening and caravanning and this year she hopes to cross something very special off her bucket list by visiting Australia to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Helping the bereaved is such a worthwhile “job” and when the opportunity came up for her to specialise in Bereavement she became even more aware as to how lonely and lost some people feel.  Even if people have a loving family around life can still feel lonely and empty.


Rodney (Rod) Chapman joined Rosedale in April 2012 and is an Assistant Bereavement Support Group Facilitator based at the Diss branch.

Rod says being able to offer support continuation through monthly Friendship meetings was like throwing a lifeline to so many.  It is these Friendship Groups held at The Park Hotel, Diss and The White Lodge, Attleborough that he is now involved with.  He says that they remain in contact with many who attend the meetings and they still turn up occasionally to enjoy a meal and catch up with friends.

Rod is now 71 and has been with his wife Liz since they first met when she was only sixteen and he was just nineteen.

They married 3 years later in 1969 and  have two lovely daughters and four wonderful grandchildren the oldest 15 and youngest 12 years old.

As he became aware of just how much Rosedale, through the quality of it’s staff, was helping people at such traumatic times in their lives, he was struck firstly by how incredibly important and worthwhile the work was and secondly how much of his previous employment suddenly seemed of little or no significance whatsoever.

Rod says there are quiet coastal and inland areas where he finds relaxation. There are also nearby meadows with grazing sheep where he loves to sit and reflect and often to contemplate the meaning of life.  Above all he is fortunate to have a lovely garden in which to work and then sit and relax and sometimes remember to count his blessings.

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