Lucy Coote

Community Ambassador and Mental Health Trainer

Lucy Coote is a member of the Norfolk SPIG (Suicide Prevention Intervention Group) and the Norfolk and Waveney Suicide Awareness Partnership. She is a qualified First Aider, Mental Health First Aid Trainer and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained (ASIST).

Lucy has worked in the funeral profession for more than a decade. Early on she realised how hard it was for the bereaved to find effective and understanding support and in 2012 she trained as a bereavement support facilitator. Subsequent to that, she developed an eight-week bereavement support programme which she delivers out, personally supporting hundreds of bereaved families.

Training has become a huge part of Lucys work life: educating people nationally on supporting the bereaved; ensuring others know what support there is both locally to them and across the UK. Lucy is an Ambassador for “At a Loss”, a national signposting charity ensuring that all are aware of what organisations are available to the bereaved.

As a Mental Health First Aid Trainer for MHFA England, Lucy spends much of her working life ensuring that professionals who support others are educated and empowered when offering support to those suffering from poor mental health. She wants the taboos surrounding Mental Health to be broken down and hopes that in the foreseeable future, all companies have as many Mental Health First Aiders as they do physical First Aiders.

Specialising in supporting those bereaved by suicide, Lucy developed and delivers a training programme which is designed to ensure that those supporting those families have the right tools at their fingertips to be able to offer effective support, guidance, and education. Working to ensure the bereaved are properly supported and signposted to the organisation that will best serve their needs, Lucy passionately believes that the right support at the right time saves lives.

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Lucy Coote