When We Remember


‘When We Remember’ is a thoughtful and inspirational guide for the first few weeks of experiencing a death. It covers a broad range of subjects such as ‘When the Time Comes’, ‘The First Decisions’,  ‘Inspirations and Integrity for a Meaningful Funeral’ (including music, poetry and reading suggestions) and ‘Small Steps Forward’.

We find this book invaluable as an additional resource for bereaved families and offer it to every family that uses us as part of our service to them.

The below is a review from Good Reads:

‘When We Remember focuses on the critical first week following a death – an intense, emotional crisis period when guidance can make a profound and positive difference to the grief journey. This unique, generous and highly-acclaimed resource draws on many decades of experiences, particularly in understanding the power of music and prose in the rituals of our lives. Starting at a basic level, families are taken step-by-step through the first few days when a loved one dies. Gentle suggestions begin traditionally, moving through to more creative and personal inspiration for creating a meaningful tribute.

When We Remember highlights the vital emotional role of a memorial event, and the long-term benefits of knowing what to do at the time. Every culture throughout history has attached ritual and significance to the passing of a loved one, and modern funerals draw on these roots. We can find comfort in the footsteps of tradition, or the significance of individual tributes. We remember that grief is a journey, not a destination, and a funeral is a vital first signpost. Funerals mark both the physical separation from the person that has died, and a renewal of friends and family ties for the time ahead. This complete resource breaks the taboo surrounding death and will support and guide you through the beginning of life’s most difficult journey, the loss of a loved one. If you are preparing for an expected death, coping with the intense shock of an unexpected death, or simply sharing your life with friends and family, When We Remember is essential reading in every household.’


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