Interfaith Talk February 2021

interfaith talk 2021

On Tuesday the 16th February 2021 Lucy Coote, Rosedale’s Community Ambassador, shared with the Norfolk Interfaith Group what her role involves at Rosedale, community initiatives and projects Rosedale are involved in, such as Cooking for One and “My 10 Days”, as well as how Rosedale strives to embrace all faiths and its aims to integrate its work into the whole community.

Lucy also talked about her role in delivering bereavement training with Rosedale Training and how this has grown over the last year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all training is now being delivered online and Lucy discussed how this has had its benefits; enabling the courses to be delivered far and wide across the UK, from Lowestoft to Edinburgh, and to a wide range of professionals from the Police, NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups and private organisations.

Rosedale Funeral Home has recently worked on a project producing a video with The Norfolk Interfaith Group, where many members of the group were involved in discussing how Covid-19 has affected different faith communities. You can watch this video below.