Saying goodbye using technology

Using technology to say goodbye

With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place families and friends are finding it even harder to say goodbye to their loved ones. Crematoriums and grave side services are now limited to a number of mourners, but with the use of modern technology families and friends can still be involved in the service from the comfort of their own homes and everybody can feel included. Using platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Facebook and Youtube, funeral services can now be streamed to families and friends no matter where in the world they are.

Streaming services is not a new concept to funerals; before the pandemic started many funeral directors would have considered the technology available a useful tool to involve family members who live abroad, or to help families remember certain aspects of a service which may have otherwise not been taken in when emotions are running high.

Some directors may have never considered the prospect. However, many now agree that it will be a regular add-on service even once the pandemic is over.

Streaming a Crematorium service

Many crematoriums now offer streaming and filming services within all their chapels using built-in media systems. These systems also offer a 28 day demand service, giving the ability for family and friends to watch the service back at a time that suits them.

Streaming a graveside service

Streaming a graveside service isn’t as easy as streaming in a Crematorium. Gravesides do not have the safety net of power sockets, strong Wi-Fi or even dedicated media systems designed to stream. However, there are many outside companies who specialise in videography and live streaming who are able to work around this in order to still be able to capture the special tributes.

Service Photography

Additionally, more families are increasingly asking for services to be photographed for keepsake memories. Funeral photographers specialise in capturing memories discreetly and sensitively from a distance, not disturbing or interrupting the flow, and can be involved as much or as little as liked. Funeral photography is particularly special for remembering quirky special moments.

Rosedale Funeral Home work very closely with Splice Creative and ETS to film services using high quality technology, creating precious memories for every family member and friend to view. Rosedale also recommend Wendy from Wendy Aiken Photography to photograph your special moments.

You can see more information on funeral photography and live streaming services on our dedicated page located here. If you have any queries or questions on the technology we have available, including live streaming or photography, please feel free to contact us.