Self-isolation ideas

self isolation ideas
At this time of uncertainty where we are being asked to self-isolate, we also need to protect our mental health: we can still be productive whilst distancing ourselves from others. We have compiled a list of ideas for things that can be done to ensure we make the most of this time:
Every day you should try and get some fresh air as vitamin D comes from sunlight and is vital to helps to boost the immune system. This can be done by walking the dog, by running or walking as your daily exercise or working in the garden. If you see someone on a walk, smile and say hello: you do not have to get up close and personal with them but this may be the only human contact that person has had all day so spend a moment to engage in conversation. Sorting out: this is something many of us put off doing. Clothes, drawers and wardrobes can be sorted through. Most of us have many unwanted items in our wardrobes so now is the time to donate them to charity. Due to economic hardship, many people will find use for them whilst you will have a clearer, more organised wardrobe. Many of us have photos that we have inherited from our parents or grand parents or taken ourselves and put in a drawer. Whilst at home know it is an ideal time to sort them out. Buy a photo album or scrapbook (you can order online for it to be delivered to your door) and time can be spent sorting through the photos: it can be very cathartic to look through, sort, reminisce and enjoy past memories. You may have lots of recipes given to you by family and friends and ones torn out of magazines. Filling one book with all these means that you are more likely to use them and it may remind you of why you tore the recipe out in the first place. This could be the perfect time to write or collate a family cookbook for your loved ones with much loved family recipes. This could be a gift you give to your children this Christmas and with grand children going off to university this could be the perfect gift to give made with love. You can always put in your most useful tips of how to remove grease, candle wax or chewing gum from clothes, your knowledge when shared could help them when the inevitable happens! You could write a card or a letter: there is nothing nicer than receiving a card in the post from a loved one. Spending the time to write shows the recipient that you care which is vital as human contact will be limited for many. Try to teach yourself a new skill, one that you have wanted to do for years but have never had the time. This could be meditation, knitting, learning a new language or writing poetry. Whilst many of us will feel frustrated by not being able to carry on our normal routines we need to adapt and make sure we do positive actions to ensure we keep ourselves happy and fulfilled. Look after yourself, have a self-manicure and/or pedicure. Get out from the back of the cupboard that amazing body lotion you were given for your birthday or Christmas you deserve to use it and now is the time. Looking after yourself is not selfish it is essential and being kind to yourself is imperative to good mental health. Find those jigsaws, you can lose yourself for hours with a jigsaw and they are amazing time fillers and very satisfying when the jigsaw comes together. When you have finished you can either glue it together or put it away ready to give to family or friends once self isolation has passed.
Looking after yourself and keeping busy and productive is the way we are all going to get through this difficult time Keep smiling, keep phoning your friends and nourish your souls as well as your stomach.