Suggested reading list for families

Using stories and activities can be a really good way to explore issues with a child who has been bereaved. Here is a list of books, which have been found to be helpful when working with bereaved children, young people and their families.

All of the following books are available from Rosedale.

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For families when someone is seriously ill

The Secret C                                    

By Julie A. Stokes & illustrated by Peter Bailey, 2000. Winston’s Wish.

The Secret C attempts to answer some of the questions and worries a child may have about cancer, especially when it involves someone in the family. This reassuring book will help adults and children to talk about the difficult issues and feelings involved when someone is seriously ill and briefly talks about the possibility of death.

As Big As It Gets: Supporting a child when someone in their family is seriously ill

By Julie Stokes & Diana Crossley, 2001. Winston’s Wish.

An information booklet to help families cope with the serious illness of a parent or child. It provides a range of ideas for parents or carers so that they feel more able to explain to their children what is happening, giving some suggestions to what parents might say to children and how to offer support.

The death of a new baby

Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Society (SANDS)

SANDS provide support for parents and families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth, including a range of leaflets and books for adults.

My book about our baby that died                         

By Lynda Weiss.

A workbook for young children who have experienced the death of a baby brother or sister.


A little booklet entitled caring in which a mother whose baby died has written down useful advice about hospital procedures, choices available, possible feelings both physical and emotional and available sources of support.


A special keepsake booklet for recording special memories of your baby

Returning to work after the death of your baby or child.

Guidance leaflets for employees and employers published by the Child bereavement Charity.

Supporting a child bereaved through murder or manslaughter

Hope Beyond the Headlines:         

Winston’s Wish

This new booklet offers practical advice for families in the immediate days, weeks and months following a murder. It is written for both parents and professionals, giving them the confidence to involve children and young people in understanding and managing the particular difficulties and complexities that so often surround a death by murder or manslaughter.

The booklet includes child-friendly activities to do with children or as a family to help them to make sense of what has happened and to begin to express their grief.

For families bereaved through suicide

Beyond the Rough Rock: Supporting a child who has been bereaved through suicide

By Diana Crossley & Julie Stokes, 2001. Winston’s Wish.

An information booklet offering practical advice for families where someone has died by suicide. It aims to give parents and professionals the confidence to involve children in discussions about the nature of death by suicide. It also includes activities for children to do with the family to stat making sense of what has happened.

For families when someone has died in a road crash

Someone has died in a road crash

By Mary Wiliams OBE and Caroline Chisholm

A much needed guide to help children deal with and understand their grief. Produced by BRAKE the road safety charity.