Therapy Dogs

Rosedale Funeral Home Buzz

A dog that has been trained to provide comfort, affection and support to people is called a therapy dog. They have been proven to help people through their grief and can often be found in locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospices. They can also be effective in treating those with post-traumatic stress, on the autism spectrum and dementia.

At Rosedale, we have learnt just how healing and therapeutic animals can be, especially during loss, as they can provide non-judgemental and unrestricted emotional support. They can also help to relieve some of the worry that comes from visiting a funeral home for the first time, which can be very daunting.

We are very lucky to have our two, four legged ‘mini celebrities’ called Buzz and Simba ready to greet our families and help them feel at ease during the difficult time. Buzz can often be found in our Wymondham branch and is owned by our Bereavement Support Group facilitator Beverley Bulmer. Simba is owned by Faith Ames who works in our Halesworth branch.

You can find out more here about our ‘Animal Crackers’ campaign for more information on the bereavement support we offer please click here.