Rosedale Funeral Home has a variety of transportation options.

We run a fleet of modern Mercedes-Benz black hearses and limousines. However there are also specialist vehicles available, such as a Cadillac hearse, an Austin Princess hearse, a Rolls Royce Phantom, Silver Cloud or Jaguar.

Funeral Transportation

There are many alternatives to a traditional hearse for transporting the coffin to the funeral. These include a horse drawn carriage, tractor and trailer, motorbike hearse, vintage lorries, or a hearse in a different colour – silver, white or bubblegum pink. You could use your own vehicle if you wanted to, or for very local funeral services, you could walk alongside an old fashioned wheeled-bier or use our bicycle hearse.

Rosedale has also teamed up with Banham Zoo to provide the choice of a harvest wagon or timber wagon pulled by a pair of heavy horses.

Heavy horses funeral transportation