Unwanted mail and other FAQs

unwanted mail

After you have lost a loved one, you may find yourself overwhelmed with questions such as what happens next, how to stop unwanted mail or what happens with probate.

In association with award winning and SAIF endorsed Trust Inheritance, Rosedale can now provide a free helpline for families to find clear information during bereavement which is delivered by a compassionate team with over 30 years’ experience. They can help with any legal or practical queries such as probate, how to locate a Will, what to do with remaining pets and registrations to name a few.

Rosedale can also provide information on Life Ledger which is another completely free, easy-to-use service that makes notifying companies of a death simpler, faster and less stressful.  The same difficult conversation doesn’t need to be repeated, an online account takes minutes to set up and can send notifications to over 700 UK companies.

Please visit frequently asked questions on our website or contact any one of our funeral homes for more information. There is no such thing as a silly question.