Well we did it!

Fields of Life

akum-community-takes-good-care-of-the-new-water-sourceLast year, at the Family Business Place Award Ceremony we were inspired by their vision for every family business in the UK to sponsor a well in East Africa, and signed a commitment that evening to start fundraising.

Well we are thrilled to announce that not only have we reached our target but the water well has been built.

After working closely with the Fields of Life charity under their ‘Well Good Campaign’ we set about fundraising the entire cost of building a well in Uganda which equated to around £4000 and through our numerous fundraising events, including bingo, quiz nights, coffee days as well as kind donations received from our Walks of Remembrance, our target was reached.

“We could not be happier and more proud of what we have achieved than we are this week” says Liz Chapman who has been running the Rosedale Bereavement and Friendship Groups.  “It is an unbelievable fact that in this day and age, people are having to trek vast distances on a daily basis just for the chance of having something safe to drink; our well can and will make such a difference. Our well will assist with the prevention of water borne diseases which are prevalent with unclean water, hopefully the people of Akum and its surrounding villages will suffer much less with sickness and possible death as a result of having our water well”.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the individuals, staff and local businesses who supported their fundraising, especially the members of the Bereavement Support groups who really worked hard to sell tickets, source raffle prizes and support our fundraising efforts.  People have been incredibly generous and supportive.”

Plaque installed on Akum wellHaving initially thought that once the fundraising was complete we would have to wait months to hear about the commissioning of the well, we were delighted to receive the amazing news that our well has now been built and is supplying clean water to over a 1000 local villagers in Akum, Uganda – what a week!

“We would love for other family businesses and local groups to consider commissioning their own water well in a country such as Uganda, as the reward of knowing that we are making such a difference is truly inspiring and a blessing” says Anne Beckett-Allen, director of Rosedale.

To learn more about the work of Fields of Life, please visit www.fieldsoflife.org.