What happens at a funeral

Throughout our years in the funeral profession we have encountered many families who are unsure about whether children should or shouldn’t be allowed at funerals.

When they don’t know what a funeral is, how can they be asked to make an informed decision about whether to attend one, when someone close to them has died?

What happens at a funeral

The film we have produced is there to educate, dispel myths and answer many questions surrounding what happens at a funeral.   Taking our inspiration from a young man who told us that “When I walked through the door to my mum’s funeral I didn’t know what I was walking into” we hope that this resource will empower children, young people and adults alike and break down some of the taboos around discussing death and dying.

Our goal is that anyone supporting children will have all the knowledge and resources required to ensure they can create a safe environment in which to discuss the pro’s and cons of attending a funeral and explore any questions that they may be afraid to ask.

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