What is a Eulogy?


Almost half (42%) of adults surveyed in the UK have not heard of the term ‘eulogy’.

A eulogy is the speech given at a funeral by someone who knew the person who has died. It is a way for those attending to remember the character of that person.

People often worry about getting the eulogy ‘right’, but it’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy. It can be kept fact-based, detailing key life events or full of personal anecdotes and humorous stories. When you are grieving it can be hard to find the words that feel ‘right’ to you, but your minister or celebrant will be able to guide you on different options to ensure that it reflects your memories in the way that you want.

Poetry and literature are also a popular choice during this emotional time and for those who are unable to find the words. You may already know which poem or reading to use, but if you don’t we have several books that you can use to help you make your choice.

Reading anything at a funeral can feel daunting, so we always advise families to write down their eulogy, poem or reading so that if they find they cannot read it on the day, the celebrant, minister, or even a  family friend can read it on your behalf.

At Rosedale Funeral Home, we are here to offer you any advice or guidance. We have some further information on how to write a eulogy here.