Who the Who, Who

Rosedale Funeral Home is proud to support Norwich Theatre’s Creative Matters season on Loss and Grief.

There are a variety of performances, films and workshops taking place during March that you may be interested in attending.  All of them are aimed at providing a safe and inclusive space for anyone to explore their response to personal grief.

We will be highlighting all of the events here over the coming days.  To view the entire programme you can visit Norwich Theatre’s website.

‘Who the Who, Who’ is a searingly honest one-woman play about family and grief and loss. What happens when you are no longer a daughter? Who are you?

Hermione is facing the challenges of a midlife woman. Grieving for the loss of her father and a mother in final-stage dementia, she fights to adapt to the harsh reality of her changing life.

From the pain of a bruised & bloodied grapefruit, to the humour of dancing with Baryshnikov, we are immersed in a journey of lost love, lost lives and loss of identity. Choosing to make visible her struggle, she reinserts past voices into her artwork, tracing, exhibiting and honouring memories.

Who the Who, Who is on the 8th March at 17:30 in the Norwich Theatre Stage Two.
Tickets are now on sale here.