Why Rosedale Funeral Home?

We are a family business and we believe that makes a difference.  Our Funeral Directors have many decades of experience between them.  When a death has occurred outside of usual office hours we offer a 24 hour service, and we are always at the end of the phone to deal with any queries or concerns.

We recognise that entrusting your loved one into the care of strangers is a huge thing to have to do.  We assure you that we will care for them as though they were one of our own and we will guide you through the difficult days and weeks ahead.  Please be assured there is no such thing as a silly question.

About Rosedale Funeral Home

What makes us different?

We are priced competitively and are here to help you arrange a funeral that is in accordance with your wishes and your budget.  We are transparent about our prices and have listed them on line for many years – we were one of the first Funeral Directors in the country to sign the Quaker Social Action pledge which requires us to do so.

We will never to try sell you anything, we are here to listen and provide advice and appropriate choices.  We can give information and support on government benefits received after bereavement and accessing funding after a funeral that many families don’t realise they are entitled to.

Our standards are second to none and all our staff care about the standards and values that we uphold, whether that is the way we care for the deceased, the cleanliness of our vehicles or the care that goes into drafting an order of service, we all care.

We believe that providing the very best bereavement support goes hand in hand with helping you arrange a funeral that is an unique as you wish for it to be.  We run bereavement support groups and provide resources for any bereaved children in the family.  We also organise events such as a Walk of Remembrance and our annual Christmas Memorial Service to provide opportunities to come together with other bereaved families and share memories, smiles and tears.

We have won many regional and national awards for our customer service, environmental values, staff training, community work and family values.

We are recommended by the Good Funeral Guide and this is what they wrote about us when they came to inspect our premises and meet our staff.

It is our judgement that here you will be:
Listened to with empathy,
Offered the full range of choice,
Given all the time you need,
Charged fairly, and
Empowered to arrange a funeral that reflects your
wishes and values and those of the person who has died.

Simon and Anne Beckett-Allen

Rosedale Funeral Home is owned and run by Anne & Simon Beckett-Allen who live in Scole, near Diss.  They have three children, Harriet, Thomas and Victoria-Rose who can usually be seen in tow at Rosedale community and fundraising events.

From Rosedale’s conception Simon has been responsible for refurbishing each of the funeral homes to an extremely high standard, ensuring a homely and comfortable environment for families to make funeral arrangements.  In his spare time, as well as being a motorcyclist, private pilot and keen chef he is currently building an RV12 light aircraft.

Anne is passionate about supporting bereaved children and is a trustee and volunteer for local children’s bereavement charity Nelson’s Journey.  There is a natural cross over between this role and the bereavement resources that we are able to provide at Rosedale, that include reading lists for children of all ages, memory bears and work books to help families talk about their grief.

We rely on our staff to uphold our family values and we have a huge emphasis on their training and development which Anne is responsible for, alongside our corporate and social responsibility and community involvement.

Anne is an active member of the Diss Business Forum and enjoys running and cycling endurance events and long distance open water swimming.