Choosing a coffin

Selecting a coffin for a funeral is a very personal choice, particularly if the person who died did not leave any guidance for you around what they might consider to be appropriate.

There is no legal requirement to have a coffin at all for burial or cremation, although in East Anglia most families would select one and we have developed a range of coffins with something to cater for all budgets and tastes.

It may be that the coffin will reflect the personal values of the person who died, and we have an environmentally friendly range that includes choices from cardboard, willow or sustainably sourced pine, even a beautiful design made from wild pineapple leaf which has been awarded Fair Trade status.

For those who prefer something more traditional, you can choose from solid oak or pine, or veneered wood in oak, elm or mahogany style.  Wherever possible we use coffins with wood made from sustainable sources and with the FSC certification.

Ideas for bespoke coffins are limited only by your imagination and picture coffins can be designed to reflect the life and interests of the deceased or personalised with your own images with chalkboard panels for family and friends to add messages prior to or during the funeral service.

If you wish to source the coffin yourself, or indeed if the deceased had already done so, unlike many funeral directors, we are entirely comfortable with this, so long as it is suitable for purpose and if it is to be cremated, conforms to current legal requirements.  We do however reserve the right to charge a handling fee.

The most highly priced coffin that we have ever come across was made from solid bronze and was worth £30,000, whilst there are plain chipboard coffins for around the £100 mark, with limitless choice between the two extremes.  Transparency around costs is important to us, and we have shown here a small selection from our range of coffins to give you a guide as to how price can vary across the range.

Funeral Costs